1.  Upon entering the Do-Jang, students bow in and when leaving are to bow again.

2.  When lined up, the highest ranking member present will be on the right.

3.  There should be an absence of unnecessary noise in the Do-Jang.  Students should
remain silent, especially during forms and free-sparring.

4.  Much importance should be placed on ones instructor, senior members and opponents.
One should not lose self-control, patience or composition before and after exercises
and contests.

5.  The Do-Jang should always be clean and left in good order.

6.  Members should keep their uniform clean at all times.  It is important to give a good
impression of your Art.  Members should take care to pay respect to their bodies and
keep themselves clean.  Fingernails and toenails should be kept trimmed to prevent
injury while sparring.  Long hair should be tied back.

7.  Students should take pride in the rank they currently hold.  Students should take pride
in using the name Taekwondo.



1.  Smoking is prohibited.

2.  Refrain from idle chatter.

3.  Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks or food is not allowed in the Do-Jang.

4.  Wearing shoes is prohibited.

5.  No one is allowed to teach without instructor’s permission.