History of Pease's TaeKwonDo Academy

Master Pease began training in February of 1984 at Yosurack’s Fitness Center in Indiana PA.  He took a strong liking to Taekwondo training and trained six to seven days per week (sometimes twice a day) and earned his Black Belt in April of 1986. 

Immediately after earning his Black Belt, Master Pease entered an Instructor Trainee Program that was available. Although he had begun assisting during class as a red belt, the Instructor Trainee Program was an important step towards his future in Martial Arts training and instructing. 

In June of ’86, he was asked to begin employment at the fitness center and teach full time. He was in charge of preparing the student body for testing as well as setting up testings, and demonstrations while maintaining his personal fitness.  This is also where he was schooled in weight training systems such as Nautilus, Universal and Free Weights.  Along with that, in order to have a better understanding of  what it takes to become ones best, he began studying sports nutrition. A subject he keeps up with to this very day.

It wasn’t long before the urge to own and instruct his own students. He left the fitness center to open his own school. On January 4, 1989 Master Pease opened his school at a location on North Walnut Street in Blairsville. He recounts those early days: “It was a wonderful time and the training was tough.  We trained in bare feet on a cement tile floor…it was very cold. To make matters worse, the outlet for the heat was at head level. It was tough. The building had double doors on 3 sides and the doors didn’t fit very well. You could see daylight around the doors and a bit of snow would blow in. We laughed about it back then. We were so into training, we thought it built character. It was a good place to start but I wanted something better for my students, so in September of ’89 we moved to Market Street, where we’ve been ever since. It was tough in those early years…very lean. I had to get a job at the auto supply store delivering parts to make ends meet. I also did security work on the weekends. That didn’t last long. I mean, working during the day, teaching at night and doing security on the weekends where my shift was 10pm to 6am was a little much.”

1991 was the year Master Pease joined Chin Mu Kwan International Taekwondo Federation (CTF) which gave himself and his students a larger opportunity to further their knowledge of Taekwondo. Soon after, he began training under his current instructor, Master Fred DeStolfo (head of the Northeast Region of the CTF)

From 1992 through 1995, Master Pease received boxing instruction from Olympic medalist turned professional Raheem Tanwear. He fondly recounts those days, “We trained like mad. Six to seven days per week for 2 to 4 hours per workout.  Raheeem was a chef at Indiana Country Club at the time and many times he would invite me over to his apartment and he would cook us an ‘after workout’ meal. With him being from Afghanistan, the post workout meals were (at times) unique. I would have loved to continue boxing, but I had expanded the class schedule at the Taekwondo school and there just wasn’t enough time for both. Not long after that, Raheem moved away. To this very day, I still work on boxing my techniques.”

Master Pease tested for his 4th Degree Black Belt (thereby earning the title of “Master”) in 2000. The testing was a CTF National Test held in Philadelphia PA and was overseen by the head of the CTF, Grandmaster H.Y. Kang (pronounced, “Kong”).  The day after the testing, Master Pease competed in the CTF National Tournament where he won and became National Grand Champion in both Forms and Sparring. Several of his students and friends were there to support Master Pease during the two day event.

As the years have passed, Master Pease has attended countless Martial Arts seminars and conventions, earning several Instructor Certifications. One highlight in particular was Master Pease’s induction into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2002.

Master Pease continues to be a frequent guest instructor at the Regional Headquarters in Conshohocken PA and teaches seminars at the CTF summer camp in Lock Haven PA. Master Pease has appeared in Martial Arts magazines, television and newspaper interviews. “It’s all very humbling,” he says. “I’ve been blessed with many opportunities over the years.”